About Us

IACA Presents Saragam Night

LOCATION: North Atlanta, GA, USA


Group meet-up aka shaam-e-saragam:

Saragam group members meet on every 2nd Friday of the month at 9:00PM at sponsoring member’s residence; hence the evening (shaam) of saragam group meet is called ‘shaam-e-saragam’

This group is for members only. You are welcome to join the group, if you are a singer, or play any musical instrument including percussion, or just discovering your hidden talent. Every member is encouraged to participate. Karaoke or live music, old songs or new songs, Geets or Gazals… bring your expertise. Let the music play……….

In year 2000, few friends found common interest in music (singing) and decided to set aside at least one evening in a month, dedicated to singing and music fun. To keep focus on music, dinner was deliberately kept out. To avoid conflicts with other social commitments or kid’s schedules, it was thought appropriate to meet on Friday evenings. To allow fellow members to come back home from office and done with their dinner, at first group started meeting on First Friday of every month at 9:00 PM. During first year members called this TGIFF groupThank God Its First Friday. Around in 2001, one of the founding member (Sudip Shah) tossed the term Shaam-e-Saragam for this evening and at the same year meetings were moved to Second Friday, to stay away from Fridays tagged with long week- ends.

By year 2002, group membership increased from 5 to 25. Yahoo group “Shaam-e-Sargam” was created in 2002. In year 2006, to meet the demand for sophisticated Sound System for a large group of 75 members, core group decided to apply a membership fee effective 2007 onward. Group members gave their first public performance to entertain Senior Citizens of Atlanta on Mother’s Day 2006. In year 2007 group held its first annual recital program at the Emory University White hall in front of about 300 audiences. In Year 2008 group held its second annual recital program at Emory University White Hall raising funds for Bihar Flood victims. Also a team of members performed at Ekal Vidyalaya Fund Raising program.

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