Saragam presented a 3 hour Dance and Song Program on April 30th 2011 Fundraising Event for IACA of Atlanta. CLICK HERE for the link to this event.


Clusters of Grey with the help of some members of Saragam Group was part of the Longest Concert Held by Multiple Artist the broke the Guinness World Record (click here) that was held in Red Rabbit Pizza Pub in John’s Creek, Georgia. After hard work and extremely long hours, the show officially earned the record on July 24th, 2010 after 343 hours 7 minutes and 52 seconds of essentially non-stop live music. To receive the Guinness World Records award, the show had to have live bands playing 24 hours a day, with only a 5 minute limit between bands and a 30 second break between songs. All the bands involved started at 11:56am on July 10th and just kept on playing…


Saragam Group had a successful Annual Recital which was held @ Emory University’s White Hall that enthralled the audience with the members’ singing dancing and instrumental music performances… (To see the Article CLICK HERE and go to pages 114- 115)


Clusters of Grey & Saragam Group were involved in the 2008 Vibha Dream Mile 5 K Walk/Run Music Show that was held in Georgia Tech. (To see the Article click here, and go to pages 106- 107)

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