Membership Rules


Membership and Code of Conduct

Registered Members are the members of the Saragam, who have paid membership fee for that year. Here-in-after Registered Member is addressed as member in this document.

Membership for the Saragam group is on volunteer basis, i.e. at the wish of each member. By paying your annual membership fee one join the group and thus, by joining the group, a member establishes that he/she has read all the membership rules and code of conduct as given below and expresses his/her willingness to abide by these rules and conduct.

Joining the group by paying membership, gives members access to group website, to groups monthly meetings aka ‘shaam-e-saragam’ and access to sound system of the group on those meetings. This does not by any means guaranty participation in invited or planned public performance events. Participation in those public events is strictly on selection criteria set for the event.

Membership rules defined – Saragam group is for members only.

Membership Fee:

  • Annual membership fee is $50 per family
  • New members joining in fourth quarter of the year, may apply their membership fee for next year.
  • Membership should be renewed every year, no later than March 30th.
  • Considering the limited time for the event, membership may be limited to first 20 members every year.
Membership Code of conduct –
General –
  • Member to understand that this group is formed for the sole purpose of enjoying the music. There is no room in this group for any other activity which works against this mission. For this reason, member is encouraged not to turn this event in to a food party, a socializing or a networking event, while hosting the event at their place.
  • Each and every member of the group has joined this group on volunteer basis therefore, no one is responsible/liable for any service or specific performance.
  • Host of Saragam event  provides hosting facility to the group at no cost. Group members should respect this gesture of host and hereby agree that in no case any claim will be made against the host. This is simply a private host-guest relationtionship and not a public/commercial event. All members are expected to abide by the host’s house rules.
  • Any unpleasant action or comment from a fellow member either should be sorted out directly talking to that member, or should be braught to the notice of group moderator as soon a possible for resolution.
  • Members should try their best to be at host’s place in time. Members arriving late may not get that many chances to perform as the members who arrived in time. It is always a good citizen gesture to let the host know in advance, if you are planning to attend the event. This helps host to have an estimate of number of guests to expect.
  • Member understands that funds collected by this group as membership fee is solely for the purpose of meeting the expenses incurred by the group while engaged in Saragam group activities. Details of all collections and expeses are to be posted on group site by the moderator for member’s viewing benefit.
Hosting The event
  • Only members are allowed to host monthly Saragam meeting (shaam-e-saragam) at their residence. As a host, member is allowed to invite friends and families as guest. However, host is requested to limit this, to invite not more than 4 families. If  a non-hosting member wants to invite guest(s) to shaam-e-saragam, he/she should first check with host, before confirming with guest. Host may have some constraints unknown to others.
  • A guest of any member may be allowed to participate/sing in shaam-e-saragam subject to time availability and such guest will be allowed to sing only after all members have sung at least once unless the member agrees to yield in favor of the guest.
  • Members should request for hosting the event at their place in advance. Request for hosting should be made to moderator of the group, with atleast a month’s notice, so that an announcement can be made at previous event. If no request is received by two weeks before the scheduled event, the event will take place as default at moderator’s house.
Use of Group owned Sound System –
  • Each member has equal ownership and thus equal responsibility of the group assets along with other group members.
  • Next prospective/scheduled Shaam-e-Sargam host member(s) is allowed to take Karaoke/Sound equipments home from the current host’s place after the Shaam-e-Sargam event is over and keep it for all month.
  • Member will be personally responsible for taking care of these equipments for the kept period and hand-over to next host member or to the moderator in sound/working state. Any problem with any equipment should immediately be notified. Basic understanding of handling the sound system is required for any member requesting to take the system possession.
  • If a member needs the Sound equipments for his/her own private function, the member should arrange for the pickup and prompt return of equipments from/to with the member, who possesses the equipments at that time.
  • If a guest member or a non-member asks a member to facilitate the access to Karaoke/Sound system equipments, to be fair to group, such requester should be asked by that member to pay a rental fee of $100 per day with $300 as security deposit. The member, who facilitates this, would be responsible for collection of this rental fee.
  • Request for borrowing group’s sound system for members personal use or renting/lending use, should be made through an email to the group as a whole. This way, rest of the group members would know where their equipments are.
  • It is member’s (borrowing the sound system) responsibility to pickup and deliver the sound system back within the specified time, for which the request was made. Member(s), borrowing the group equipments will make sure that every item is returned correctly and in the state/condition it was taken. Member should take personal responsibility of reporting at the time of return of any missing, replaced or damage to the item(s).
  • Though we are not asking for any safety deposites for borrowing the Sound system, it should be borrower’s clear understanding they may be personally liable for any damage caused to the equipments while its in their possession.  Memebers should let this know to any prospective non-member borrower.

By REGISTERING you are establishing that you have read the above Article (s).